The Class of '73 had a very successful and well-attended 45-Year Class Reunion held on June 8-9, 2018 in Kansas City. Some of the photos from the reunion are posted below.

We look forward to gathering again for our 50th in 2023.

At that time, we will update this website with information about planned events and updates on classmates.

If you need to contact us for any reason, please feel free to email us at:

- The  Class of '73 Reunion Committee

Susie (Baar) Thompson, Jeff Biskup, Mike Damico, Debora (Barrett) Demeter, Barbara (Garcia) Vodopest, Terri (Gomez) Dory, Mike Greene, David and Elaine (Pearce) Haake, Toni (Hymer) Sheffer, Marsha Lerenberg, Vince McInerney, Bob Tritt and Tina (Webb) Vick


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Arthur Diaz
Barbara Garcia (Vodopest)
Brad Barackman
Carol Hummel
Cecilia Campbell
Charles Lepage (Lepage)
Cheryl Wright (Barackman)
Connie Hatcher (Serrano)
David Curless
David Haake
Debora Barrett (Demeter)
Denny Meister
Derwin Turner
Diana Serrano
Donna Zeller (Brown)
Donna Schmit (Walsh)
Elaine Pearce (Haake)
Elizabeth Vargas (Vargas-meister)
Gina Meyer
Greg (Darbs) Lamping
Helen Damico
Jack Valenciano (Koontz (Koontz)
James (Jim) Reed
Janie Super (Lamping)
Jeff Biskup
Jeff Serrano
Jeffery Dysart
Jerry King
Jessica Vick
Joe Becker
Joe Lynch
John Hummel
John Gina Meyer (Meyer)
John Meyer
Joseph Becker
Joseph Lynch
Kathleen Phelan (Phelan)
Katie Phelan (Phelan)
Kevin Dougherty
Kimberley Lippelman-nash
Kurt Mcdermott
Larry Bubba (Van Hecke)
Larry Van Hecke
Linda Becker
Linda Lynch
Lisa Hummel
Lisa Mcdermott
Lorre Rhoades (Dysart)
Lorre' Rhoades (Dysart)
Louise Tritt
Marcia Craft (King)
Marcia King
Mark Walsh
Marsha Lerenberg
Mary Quinn (Meador)
Mary Alice Lawless (Beebe)
Mary Lou Fasl (Smokowicz)
Mary Pat Mccormack (Kanatzar)
Michael Damico (Damico)
Michael Greene
Mike Damico
Mike Monahan
Pam Schelstrate (Gilliland)
Patrick Henderson
Patrick Nash
Patty Foley
Phyllis Mosley (Lee)
Preston Lee
Ray Alvarez
Richard Neumann
Robert Tritt (Tritt)
Roberta Schulte (Adkiins)
Roberta Schulte (Adkins)
Rose Stitt (Van Hecke)
Ruth Mcwhorter (Decoursey)
Sara Cramer (Biskup)
Shirley Monahan
Stephanie Straub
Steve Quinlin
Steve Serrano
Susan Schrick (Neumann)
Susie Baar (Thompson)
Terri Gomez (Dory)
Terri Dekruyff (Savage)
Terry Adkins
Tim Holderby
Tina Webb (Stewart)
Tom Swartz
Toni Hymer (Sheffer)
Vicki Mingori
Vince Mcinerney
Vince Sheffer
Wendy Phillips
Total 94